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"The UK & Irish Republic's Unique Residential Timber-Frame Design Specialists AND 'DIY' Self-Building Professionals!"


Welcome to "ProFrame" ~ The Affordable 'Zero-Carbon' House-Building Solution!




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ProFrame ~ Advanced Timber-Frame Design, Construction & Erection.

(NB: ProFrame is fully EuroCode compliant!)


Our unique 'FREE' e-Guides are essential reading for anybody thinking about building high-quality timber-frame houses and/or wanting to build 'super-insulated', airtight homes to 'Passivhaus' standards (and beyond).  Read them and re-read them because they are packed with information that could transform how you go about designing, building and insulating any new house; potentially saving you 10,000's, possibly 100,000's in the process!  Don't miss them ~ they are FREE.  Just click on the 'blue' highlighted 'links' in the text above.


"Learn How To Fabricate A Timber-Frame House In 5 Minutes Flat!"


DO YOU KNOW WHY ~ Using 'package-kits' and 'SIPS' is NOT the preferred option in most other countries!?

The worldwide popularity of site-fabricated timber-frame houses isn't just down to being able to deliver high-quality, high-performance luxury homes much more cheaply than any 'flat-pack' package-kit or 'SIPS' construction can achieve; it's the sheer speed and simplicity of the work involved.  There is NO technical knowledge required and NO prior practical experience or training is needed either.

  • Our unique "ProFrame" structural design keeps the construction simple enough for inexperienced 'DIY' enthusiasts and professional house-builders alike to quickly and easily build high-quality houses.

Timber-frame is a great way to build homes 'fit' for the 21st century.  Timber-frame has the lowest environmental 'construction cost' of any 'mainstream' construction method and/or material and the potential to easily meet the most stringent thermal and 'airtightness' requirements to minimise 'long-term' energy requirements too.  That 'unrivalled' combination is further enhanced when using the "ProFrame" approach which enables timber-frame houses to be designed to simply and economically exceed whatever performance standard is required; even beyond "Passivhaus" or 'Code' Level 6 standards; irrespective of whether the houses are to be built by inexperienced 'DIY' enthusiasts or professional 'builders'!

  • Historically; over 200,000 'DIY' enthusiasts have self-built their own timber-frame homes each year in the USA alone; in fact, the number of homes built by American 'DIY' enthusiasts far exceeds the entire annual output of the combined UK & Irish Republic's house-building industries!  Similarly; the vast majority of the USA and Canadian framing contractors and house-builders also use site-fabricated construction to build some 2,000,000 new homes on average every year!  Needless to say; neither those 'DIY' enthusiasts nor the 'commercial' builders would choose to use site-fabricated timber-frame construction in such huge numbers; if it wasn't such a wonderfully quick, simple, straightforward and very economic (i.e. cheap) way to build luxury homes!

Ironically; despite achieving efficiency levels some 200% - 300% better than typically achieved with the UK's 'traditional' construction methods; most of the American housing is still being built using the relatively inefficient (more labour-intensive) 'stick-building' method which we superceded and discarded some 35 years ago!

  • For most houses; a decent 'spirit-level' will be needed to ensure the 'vertical alignment' of any 'trussed rafters' but otherwise the only essential tools anybody needs are a decent cross-cut saw, claw-hammer, steel tape-measure and a carpenter's pencil; i.e. NO cranage, scaffolding, heavy lifting gear, or even a 'plumb-bob'!  Power tools; such as circular-saws and nailing 'guns' aren't essential; although, when handled correctly, they can 'speed-up' much of the work involved.

With nearly 40 years experience of designing and building 'bespoke' timber-frame structures for individually designed houses and bungalows; we are specialists not only in 'bespoke' residential timber-frame design but also in using the high-efficiency erection techniques that we have developed over the decades of doing our own 'single-handed' self-build projects whilst seeking to maximise the advantages of using our advanced timber-frame design and optimise the whole construction process.

  • Our clients get the full benefit of being able to get their houses built using a fast, simple approach to the construction that even the most inexperienced builders and 'DIY' enthusiasts alike can use to build the highest quality houses ~ the performance of which can match anything that 'factory-production' can claim to achieve whilst slashing 'like-for-like' prices to a fraction of the 'normal' build-cost!

Whilst the rest of the house-building industry seems to delight in finding ever greater difficulties to obstruct the whole house-building process; our philosophy and ethos as 'self-building' professionals has always been to keep everything as simple as possible.  (Houses are always quicker and cheaper to build with a common-sense led approach to how things are achieved; conversely most commercial 'products' and 'solutions' that we see advertised and promoted seem geared towards parting customers from their money rather than delivering any real 'value-for-money' improvement!)  We can provide all the 'on-site' info'; e.g. simple framing layout drawings and nailing specifications, simple 'step-by-step' instructions, etc.; so that within 2 - 3 hours even the most inexperienced builder or 'DIY' enthusiast can confidently fabricate and build houses using our quick, simple timber-frame construction methods.  We also have a full range of services available to handle all the 'techie-stuff' that will keep life really simple for you!  We can provide in-depth advice and support for every aspect of your project or housing development.

  • Uniquely amongst professional consultants; we have decades of personal, practical 'Hands-ON' experience of designing and building houses and bungalows on our own projects to maximise the cost-effectiveness of how they are built and 'designing-out' potential difficulties and problems; as well as undertaking all the usual professional work for 'self-builders' and commercial 'house-builder' clients!

Although it should be obvious that anybody; not familiar enough with advanced timber-frame construction to build straight from the 'approved' Building Regulations / Warranty (Scotland) drawings; will need large-scale wall-framing layout drawings, nailing details and 'step-by-step' erection instructions to work from; as experienced 'DIY' Hands-ON self-building professionals; we know how vitally important it is to have that information provided 'weather-proofed' ready for use 'out-of-doors' where they will actually be needed on-site; so that is what we always supply!


That's just one simple example of how our practical 'Hands-ON' building experience has helped to create our unique client-orientated services!



The essential reading mentioned above for anybody thinking about building high-quality timber-frame houses and/or wanting to achieve 'super-insulated', airtight homes to 'Passivhaus' standards (and beyond) are our unique 'FREE' e-Guides.  Keep on reading and re-reading them because they are packed with information that could transform how you go about designing, building and insulating any new house; potentially saving you 10,000's, possibly 100,000's in the process!  If you haven't already discovered them; simply click on the 'blue' highlighted 'links' immediately above!


"The UK & Irish Republic's Unique Residential Timber-Frame Design Specialists AND 'DIY' Self-Building Professionals!"

(Providing A Truly Unique Blend Of Professional Design & 'DIY' (Hands-ON) House-Building Experience With Speculative/Commercial Residential Planning & Development Experience.)


Keen To Keep 'Things' Simple?

How about using 'Bespoke' Timber-Frame 'Self-Assembly' Kits?

It's the best of both worlds!

It avoids the hassle of getting quotes for materials, placing orders and/or arranging for delivery of the structural materials yet still retains the full benefit of simply paying competitive 'net' trade prices for everything; i.e. NO hidden profit 'mark-ups'; NO manufacturer's factory & office overheads and profits to pay for, NO heavy lifting gear/cranage costs, NO erection 'crew', etc. to push the 'build' costs through the 'roof'!

Some clients have even found that getting a 'self-assembly' kit assembled and erected works out cheaper than the price they were quoted just for the erection of a manufacturer's 'package-kit' for building the same house!

(Click on the 'blue' highlighted 'link' above.)

We take care of the 'organisation' so you can concentrate on getting the houses built!










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